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Learning sections

Quickly gain comprehensive understanding of the major areas in vaping. Sections consist of several pages, each on a  specific topic. You choose which topics you want to learn about.

Basic Vaping Info

Learn from the science, everything you need to know about vaping as a harm reduction strategy. This section covers cigarettes, quitting smoking , tobacco harm reduction, vaping outcomes, flavours and nicotine.

Vaping & Lung Injuries

From August to September 2019, an outbreak of vaping related lung injuries occurred in the USA. The cause was illegal THC cartridges and had nothing to do with vaping nicotine. Authority and media did not tell the truth.


Dozens of images on key concepts to share on social media.

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Health Professionals

If, despite your efforts to help your smoking patients, smoking cessation is not being achieved, the next best strategy for your patient is harm reduction. We invite you to look at the credible evidence to ensure best practice.

Adolescents and Adult Activities

It’s normal teenage behaviour to experiment with adult taboos. This is the first generation to encounter vaping. We explore the reasons youth try vaping, the consequences and unintended harm reduction in regards to smoking uptake.