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What vapers can do

Change public opinion

It’s simple! All we need to do is utilize the millions of vapers out there to display our QR code everywhere!

As with all marketing, if people see our advertising everywhere, they will eventually visit our website where they will quickly learn the truth about vaping.

3 simple things every vaper can do to invite their people to learn the truth about vaping: uploads, sharing and VAEPmail.

1. Uploads

Promote the truth about vaping 24/7 with images.

Change your profile pictures and banners on multiple social media platforms.

Explore the wide selection we have designed for you. Express your style and get people to our website. Add a description to the images explaining why you are promoting VAEP and a link to our website.

Make your comments in social media stand out!

Use our Shareables to prove your points by adding them as an image to your comment. Each Shareable has our web address which invites readers to visit and learn the truth about vaping.

Right mouse click on the QR code and save it to your phone.

If people ask you about vaping, just pull up the image and have them follow the link. Email or message it to people in your life who need to learn the truth about vaping.

2. Sharing

Spread the truth about vaping by sharing our information with the people in your life.

Shareables gallery

Visit our Shareables gallery and search our 189 Shareables by categories or by words in the description. Then, share the Shareable directly to your social media platforms. Sharing from our gallery provides link to the back to the gallery where people can learn the truth about vaping.


Invite the people in your life to learn the truth about vaping by linking them to our Basic Vaping Information section. This section provides all the key information about vaping. It features our Shareables and consists of 6 pages: Cigarettes, Quitting Smoking, Vaping, Outcomes, Flavours and Nicotine. Everything is in conversational English and links to the references are provided.

Social media

Find us on your favourite social media platforms under VAEPinfo. Set the settings to favorites and check back often to make sure you get our posts and share them to your feed. Every post you share to your feed has a link to our website so your followers can learn the truth about vaping.


Every vaper knows about the censorship, such as shaddow banning, on social media platforms. Sign up to our text and email list to make sure you are up to date on what we are doing. Forward the emails/text to people in your life that are misinformed and help them learn the truth about vaping.

3. VAEPmail

Spread the truth about vaping with our products sold in our store.


Provoke curiousity everywhere you park your vehicle and invite the public to our website to learn the truth about vaping. Put these decals on the passenger side rear widow so those walking on the sidewalk will see it.


Turn any surface into an invite to visit our website! These eye catching stickers will attract attention to our QR code and a click away from learning the truth about vaping.

VAEP signature tees

Our new tees feature our web address and our QR code! Send us a photo of yourself in our new signature tee to YBP@VAEP.info and if we post it to our social media, we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at VAEPmail, our online store!

Vintage merchandise

Our retired URL, VAEPworld.com, will always direct you to our new website. We have a whole bunch of merchandise with our retired URL. We are selling it at 50% off! You can buy more attire to promote your community learning the truth about vaping.