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Smokers have two options

Smokers have two options

Smokers who can’t quit really only have two options: smoking-related diseases or harm reduction. Here’s why.(1)
Smoking-related diseases are caused from the thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

(2) Harm reduction means to reduce the consequences of risky behaviours such as wearing a helmet when biking or using a condom during sex.

(3) Did you know, if a smoker switches to vaping – they virtually eliminate all of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke that cause disease?

(4) Yes, they still inhale nicotine but nicotine doesn’t cause disease.

(5) Vaping has been studied since it’s invention in 2004 and since 2016, the United Kingdom has been successfully helping smokers quit by promoting vaping as an alternative.

(6) Through ongoing review of the scientific data, the UK health experts such as the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have concluded that vaping is less than 5% the risk of smoking and an effective aid in breaking the addiction to cigarettes.

(7,8) Smokers in the UK aren’t unique, so vaping can be used as harm reduction for every smoker in the world. I’m Kellie Ann from Vaping Advocacy and Education Project, better known as VAEP. Our nonprofit reviews the science on vaping and makes it easy for everyone to understand. Go to VAEP.info for vape info. https://VAEP.info

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