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You’ve been played

You’ve been played

If health authorities, nonprofits, and governments are saying the same thing, it must be true…

…or is it?

After years of begging these agencies to support harm reduction for smokers, they have made it clear that their objective is to regulate vaping out of existence.

A misinformed public supports eliquid flavour bans, vaping taxes and nicotine caps.

Because they control the narrative about vaping through media and official channels, the public is anti-vaping.

We believe an informed public will support harm reduction.

All we have to do is get them to the truth and we can turn anti-vapers into supporters!

We have a plan!

VAEP has designed simple things that anyone can do to direct people to our website where they quickly and easily learn the truth about vaping.

Choose your group: vapers, vape shops or distributors.

New to vaping?

If you are not part of the vaping community or just starting vaping, we suggest you visit our Basic Vaping Information section and learn what everyone should know.

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